Slave Girl by Lisa Cach

Slave Girl - Lisa Cach

Here's my attempt at a short review. If you happen to make it all the way through, my apologies in advance, 


Nimia was taken by Sygarius as a war prize when she was a young girl. Treasured by her captor, she has avoided manual labor and anything that would mar her beauty. Why, you ask? Do you really have to ask? No? Well, let me tell you anyway.


Sygarius, even though he’s married and has a bevy of beauties at his beck and call (he is a roman warlord, after all), has been biding his time, waiting on the day Nimia comes of age so he can deflower her and make her his concubine. His wife is perfectly fine with this because she’s a lech too. Now that Nimia is oh-so-close to womanhood, she’s been inundated with live displays of every possible sex act imaginable and this has left her feeling a little funny in her nether regions and worried but eager for her initiation. But (oh you knew there was a BUT, right?) a young, handsome visiting barbarian prince captures her eye and sets fire to those nether regions. A fire that just may spark a war (I know, I'm groaning at my tired cliché here too. Why, again, aren’t those blurb writers calling me?!)


"This man, something within me said. This man will take my soul. I could feel coils of fate wrapping around me, squeezing the breath from my body. My heart raced, a cold sweat breaking out over my skin. Gods, what’s happening? Who is he?”


Better than this getting ya, I suppose.




This book exists to set up a series. It’s only 70 pages or so long so I didn’t go into it expecting anything too emotionally involving or complete and thusly I was not left feeling too disappointed at the lack of relationship development or closure. This book is about the sexy bits and, I have to admit, the sexy bits are pretty good. Lisa Cach is a good writer. I’ve read a few of her books in the past and even gave one of them five stars because it managed to make me laugh a lot (George and the Virgin). But this one isn’t funny so it’s only getting a 3 ½.

Nimia is a very young heroine and her loyalties are torn. She has a lot of growing up to do and she needs to stop being so easily swayed by whatever arrogant hot man is nearest. That bugged me a bit, well that and the fact that she risks her own life in order to have some hot sex with Mr. Sexy Barbarian but she does show an inkling of backbone so I hold out a big glimmer of hope that the sequels improve.


If you’re looking for heart eyes and romance you won't find it here. The relationships are purely lustful. Not that there's anything wrong with that and I will seek out the next installment. But, but, but, but I do hope the author does the right thing and finds a new favorite word for the feminine bits other than cunny. Anything will do, really. I'm not all that picky. That word just grated on my last nerve. With that said, I will leave you with my little ode to Nimia’s irresistible and insatiable little cunny and hope this will be the final time you ever have to stumble across it unawares.


Cunny like honey.
Morning dew on rosebud waits.
Touch sets Rome aflame.


*I received this book from Netgalley.