Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

I spent most of a beautiful fall afternoon sitting in a movie theater watching two narcissists hurt each other. And I don't feel guilty about it at all.


I read Gone Girl well over a year ago and many of the details have already escaped my brain but, from the bit I remember, the film seemed to stick pretty close to novel and didn't shy away from some of the more horrifying scenes which made me very happy. I remember thinking, as I was reading, that this would make a great movie and it did. The actors were cast well (though Affleck came off a little "nicer" and more "every man" and less "smarmy" than I thought he did in the book). The best part for me was the fact that my theater was filled with groups of older woman (late 60's, 70's) who oooed and awwed and gasped in shock at the sexy, violent bits. I don't know if they read the book but they seemed genuinely taken aback by some of the things shown on screen. I'm not used to seeing a film on the big screen but the audience reaction added another level of amusing enjoyment for me.


If you enjoyed the book, or just enjoy watching people harm each other,  I'd say it's worth a view.


And my husband's only comment? "I'm so glad you're not a psychopath." Hahaha  So of course I said, "I'm so glad you're not an asshole."  Perfect date movie ;)