Bitten - Kelley Armstrong

Bitten!  Have you seen it?  I accidentally stumbled across the series while watching Face Off on the Syfy network and decided to DVR the whole thing to watch while folding laundry.


Seeing as I read the book well over a decade ago and didn't remember a damn thing I knew it wouldn't annoy me if they changed things (and they always change things, don't they?). Considering the network, this was a pretty decent show. The cast is gorgeous and perhaps that is blinding me to some of its faults but after a few episodes, I was pretty well hooked. The actors who play Clay & Elena have incredible chemistry but, as is with the book, I found myself annoyed with Elena's flip-flopping which is finally explained near the end of the season. The middle of the season episodes were full of fun kung-fu fighting scenes and the gore/romance are evenly balanced. Check it out if you've got some laundry to fold!