Today In Book Tarot

The Nature of Balance - Tim Lebbon

I read tarot and stumbled across this article in my mailbox today. Tip #1 sounded like so much fun I decided to grab the book nearest to me and give it a go.  


<------ This book has been sitting on my desk for ages. One of these days I'll actually read it.  Today I deem it my oracle.


So here's the deal. You use a book as an oracle.  First think of an important question that has been dwelling in your mind (should I cook dinner? bring home another cat? buy more monster porn?) Then pick a book, any old book will do. Now let the pages fall open and allow your eyes to drift to a random sentence. Therein lies your answer. 


So after doing this, I have to admit that I am a wee bit freaked out.  


Here's my question:  Should I go vegan?


Keep in mind I randomly opened a page, after shuffling the pages back and forth for a minute and landed on pg. 342.  My eyes just so happened to rest here:


Like a schoolgirl about to meet her first date, Fay tried to decide how to greet Blane into the slaughterhouse. The thing in her stomach shifted in anticipation of its imminent revelation.


Effing slaughterhouse.  Seriously?! I guess that's a pretty strong yes? Uh oh, looks like I won't be cooking that chicken tonight after all . . .



Try it and share. If you dare :)