Help a student out, redux

Reblogged from Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia:

So, beggar for punishment that I am, and having double majored, it's thesis time again! Unlike the last time, this one everyone can fill in.


Psychology this time, specificallly consumer behaviour, social influence, and online book reviews.


The survey is anonymous, and takes about 10 minutes to fill in. 


I'd greatly appreciate if you share or pass the link on to, well anyone who reads or writes reviews. There's remarkably little existing research into book reviewing, although there's quite a lot about related topics, such as hotels, yelp, consumer electronics. And people do so like to yell about "Reviewers do X" and "Reviewers think Y", so I thought it would be nice to try get some actual data. 


Apologies in advance if I get a teensy bit spammy with this. And for me, spammy might be reposting it once in a couple days time. And on leafmarks.


And thanks also in advance for anyone who takes the time to fill it in, your participation is deeply appreciated.