Freebie for the Kindle (US)

A Gift of Ghosts  - Sarah Wynde

Decent reviews (but we all know how much that means on Amazon) , promised nerdy-ness and my good friend recommended it to me last night so I'll give it a go even if it is part of series..  It's free, at least today, so there's nothing to lose except perhaps a few hours of your life.


Akira Malone believes in the scientific method, evolution, and Einstein’s theory of relativity. And ghosts.

All the logic and reason in the world can’t protect her from the truth—she can see and communicate with spirits. But Akira is sure that her ability is just a genetic quirk and the ghosts she encounters simply leftover electromagnetic energy. Dangerous electromagnetic energy.

Zane Latimer believes in telepathy, precognition, auras, and that playing Halo with your employees is an excellent management technique. He also thinks that maybe, just maybe, Akira Malone can help his family get in touch with their lost loved ones.

But will Akira ever be able to face her fears and accept her gift? Or will Zane’s relatives be trapped between life and death forever?