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The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux

Gah, this Raoul is such an effing cry baby. Wah, wah, wah. All the live-long day. Toughen up man. Your tears are a perfectly good waste of suffering and they are not attractive.  I hate guys who go all weepy for no good reason. So what if Christine hasn't fallen head over heels in insta-love like you did, you silly man-boy. Too bad this Marie Claire study wasn't around for you back then.


Men apparently fall in love more quickly than women: 54 percent of guys say they've felt love at first sight, for instance, compared to 44 percent of women. Guys are also less interested in having time to themselves, away from their significant other: 77 percent of women say having personal space is "very important," compared to just 58 percent of men, and only 23 percent of guys think it's crucial to have regular nights out with their pals, as opposed to 35 percent of the ladies.


This isn't going all that well for me. I've had to rewind three times. The first time I had go back 2 hours because I was apparently daydreaming the entire time.


That is all. For now.