Revival by Stephen King

Revival: A Novel (Audio) - Stephen King

Book #1 Sock Poppet's 2015 Read by the Month Challenge


This book is not read by Will Patton but I will not hold that against it. Will Patton should read ALL the books but no one asked me. Revival is read by David Morse, recently seen in Joe Hill’s film version of Horns (which you all should see), and he does a fine job with the material. His voice is slightly grizzled and comforting and very emotive. He managed to keep me listening throughout the 13+ hour story. If you enjoy King and audiobooks you’ll want to give this a listen.


So, it’s not really horror and it’s not really spooky or scary until the very end when it gives you a final ending punch to the gut but trust me the trip is one worth taking. This is the not-so-usual (this is King, after all) coming of age story of a young boy named Jamie whose life becomes entwined with a young pastor and mad scientist type named Charlie Jacobs. At first, I have to admit, I was thinking Charlie might fall into the pervy for kiddies mold what with his cozying up to Jamie straight away, but I was glad things didn’t go there and their friendship (at least early on) was genuine. As were all of the relationships in this book which is why I enjoyed it so much. This man knows how to create characters and set a scene.


When King is busy telling tales of first love and delighting in “sweater nubbins” (oh, King), tightly knit families, friendship, hope and the joy and rush of music, there’s always a dark undercurrent running alongside the mundane. Grief, drug addiction, regret, aging and loss of faith. It’s all here and it will probably crush you. You won’t want to give thisa listen if you have to do the driving. I think King revels in leaving his readers broken and bleary eyed.


Even so, I’ll put myself back together and read whatever he chooses to dish up next because this was a beautifully done novel.


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