Alice I Have Been

Alice I Have Been: A Novel (Audio) - Melanie Benjamin, Samantha Eggar

4 1/2 stars. This was a heartbreaking read but it was one of those books that I found myself drawn into and found it difficult to break myself away from when it was time to take the headphones off and return to reality. I have to admit, it has thrown me into a bit of a funk. Despite Alice's well to do lifestyle, her life was filled with disappointment, sadness , missed opportunities and loss. Most of it due to an event in her early childhood. The story of the real Alice who inspired Alice In Wonderland was fascinating though and a great listen on audio but I need to find something frivolous and upbeat before I drown in a pit of despair over here.


My only caveat has to do with the lack of including the author notes in the audio version, now I'll have to track down the book at the library to learn what she had to say and what she might've "embellished" for the book.