(DNF) Head Over Heels by Susan Andersen

Head Over Heels - Susan Andersen, Anna Fields

I needed something light and fluffy on my ride and stuck this in the CD player. What I didn’t need was something that would annoy me or make me sad. I figured I was safe with this one. Somewhere deep within my brain were echoes of old reviews telling me how funny, how sexy and how fabulous this author’s books were. Everybody loved them or so my questionable memory reminded me . . .


I think I chose the wrong one or my brain is completely fried (could be) because, of the three discs I finished, the only emotions that I felt were annoyance and boredom. Such is my luck.


I should note that I DNF’d this book after disc 3 so, hey, maybe it gets better. But, hey, I don’t know about you but I ain’t got no time, nor patience left to sit around waiting for that. 3 hours is 2.5 hours of my life too many. And there are too many other books banging around in my car waiting for a listen.


So here’s the gist. After her silly, flighty, materialistic sister goes and gets herself murdered, Veronica very reluctantly returns to her childhood home to care for her orphaned niece (hubby is the #1 suspect & he’s on the lam). Ronnie couldn’t run fast and far enough from the family bar and loved her career which took her all over the world. As if that weren’t inconvenient enough, her childhood home has a boarder. So basically, she and her niece are living with a strange, hunky, cocky man and he has a signed lease so she can’t give him the boot. He’s also the bartender at the family bar Ronnie has inherited. Thus, there is absolutely no avoiding him.


He’s also keeping secrets (which only manages to annoy me because there really was no reason to keep his real identity a big secret - at least that I could see) and assumes she’s a “dip of woman” just because her dead sister wasn’t the brightest.


Oh, FFS. I don’t have patience for this.


They banter, if you consider mostly calling each other sickening pet names and arguing like children banter. I didn’t find it funny or even cute. It mostly made me cringe. But I admit, I don’t find most things very funny. Here’s a snippet (not direct quotes because I’m pulling from my shoddy memory).


“Gonna take the money and run, Sugarplum?”


“Sure thing, Studmuffin.”



Ugh. That’s so contrived to be cutesy and the story so boring and slow moving I can’t continue and that’s all I have to say. Maybe it gets better but alas I’ll never know because I’m all done.


I’m a meanie with bad taste. I already know this. There’s no need to tell me.