This is making me twitch.

*Edited to add (just in case this is taken the wrong way) many writers do not do this. They friend request and then engage with me and we become internet friends. I love them and I welcome them. I wish there were more of them.


I realize this is a minor, nitpicky and bitchy little thing to bitch about in the scheme of things but it's been bad this past two weeks. Please, what about this paragraph is unclear and why, at least once a week (3x's this week), do I receive a friend request on GR with the answer to my question (how ever did you find me?) being "I read your review of so and so's book and would love you to review my new book about blah, blah,blah" ? For godsakes, these people must navigate their way to my profile in order to PM me and they can't be bothered to read anything I've written there?  WTF would you want my review, then? That scares me the most. They obviously only read one positive review and didn't bother to see my "meh" or awful ones and thought "awesome, maybe she'll write one for me". They don't want to be my friend at all. They want me to help them sell their book. Perhaps there needs to be a new GR link called "be my promoter!" 


I comment on books for Horror After Dark, for Amazon and for fun here on goodreads. I don't take my reviews too seriously and hope you don't either. Feel free to befriend me if you enjoy talking books as much as I do but don't bother if you are just going to spam and/or pester me to buy, read & review your book. I have far too many books already, thanks. The only exception I will make are audiobooks. I can burn through audios very quickly so please feel free to PM about those but only if they're romance or horror related.