Doll Face by Tim Curran

Doll Face - Tim Curran

I requested this book from Netgalley and I am sad to say that I am going to have to DNF at the halfway mark. It may get better but it may not. All I know for certain is that I am just not having a good time with the story and I’m calling it done and moving on. You readers who revile the DNF review may want to click away now because that’s what you’re about to get here.


The intoxicated driver of a car filled with twenty somethings decides to take a shortcut home. You just know this won’t end well. And it doesn’t. They end up stranded in a town that no longer exists on any map and is inhabited by some very strange animated doll parts.


Sounds good to me and my hopes were high. I loved Curran’s book Blackout. But after a great beginning featuring some extremely well written creepy atmosphere, a diner straight out of hell, and several creatures that will haunt my dreams, it just sort of got stuck in a rut and lost me. I had trouble keeping track of the characters who decided to split up early and investigate and pretty much get what’s coming to them for being such curious creatures. I didn’t get to know any of them well enough to like or dislike them and never felt the tension that comes when a character you love or despise has to face unimaginable horror. And thus I stalled and this is where I part ways with Doll Face. Sorry guys.