Tin Angel by Kat Martin

Tin Angel - Kat Martin, Rebecca  Cook

Tin Angel and I didn’t get along all that well but I fear it may be more of a case of “It’s me, not you”.


I found it rather cliché and generally ho-hum and it gave me a sense of “haven’t I read this many times before?” But it’s entirely my fault for reading so many of these in my younger years. Even though I found it mostly meh I kept listening so, really, I only have myself to blame.


If you haven’t read a zillion historical romances set in western times you may find this somewhat entertaining but don’t blame me if you don’t. There is nothing extraordinary or charming about it but there isn’t anything terribly awful about it either. It’s stuck smack in the middle of “mehville”.


The story is about an innocent young lady named Jessie who inherits 51% of a bar/brothel and heads out to take charge of things. Only she thinks she’s inherited a respectable restaurant. But no worries, once she realizes the truth, she doesn’t let the cleavage and the creepy men stop her from bossing around the other owner, Jake Gorgeouspants. And because Jake is a typical alpha type waiting to be tamed by the love of a feisty gal, the sparks they do fly. Deny them they do not.


Jessie AKA “Little Baggage” (Luke’s not at all charming nickname for her) does many a TSTL sort of thing, meanwhile misunderstandings and miscommunication abound but it’s all good in the end because, you know, “love” wins the day and there’s not much more for me to say.


Oh wait, that’s an untruth. You must be wary of the narrated version, lest you dissolve into a fit of hilarity. The narrator gives it her all and she isn’t terrible, by any means, but her voice is too young, too chipper and too gritless for so gritty a tale of lust in the Wild West. Her attempts at accents, especially the French accent of a jealous working girl, absolutely slayed me. Yes, I am writing this from the grave but it was worth it for this gem alone. 


“YOU are the son of a Beeeeeach!”


And on that note, I shall zip it.