Yes Please by Amy Poehler (audio edition)

Yes Please - Amy Poehler

I'm still not in the mood to string two thoughts together and put 'em down on paper so here's another short review.


This book neither made me laugh nor did it make me cry, as promised in the blurbage. I guess this confirms that I am heartless. I am what I am.


Despite that, and despite not knowing much about Amy Poehler, I thought it was an interesting and often amusing listen and I learned a lot about the author's life and her rise to fame. It skips around in time but that didn't bother me because she tells us she's going to do so right from the beginning. She seems like a super fun person who has worked hard to get where she is, who has made mistakes and owns up to them. I liked the bits about her youth best and wish there were more bits featuring her long, lost Boston accent. If you're a super fan, you'll surely get more out of this book than I did. If you're not, you'll probably find it amusing and a decent enough way to spend a few hours.