Hope your life is going better than mine!

$2000.00 Vehicle fix that did NOT fix the problem. Kids car is now trashed. Grrrr, lesson learned. Never put more money into a repair than the car is worth.

$4000.00 ER Surgery Co-pays

$ 900.00 Unexpected Summer Course because Advisor advised kid incorrectly about course requirements

$ 600.00 Water Heater

$Priceless Damage from flooded basement when above heater let loose (lost books, lost comics, lost sanity).

Cat poops out a 12" ribbon & then manages to get both front paws caught under the weight of the dishwasher (don't ask) and screams like the devil has bit him in the ass. He is still alive, has a bit of a limp today, but I fear he's used up all but one of his 9 lives.  



I expect only sunny skies and money trees from here on out, ok universe? 


Pardon my boo-hoo moment.  But this is part of the reason I cannot focus on reading. I skip from one calamity to the next singing lalala. Soon I will be writing from a rubber room or a padded cell.