Come the Chupacabra by Ffion Rhys

Come the Chupacabra - Ffion Rhys

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What's not to want? A VW packed with silly, sexy grad students decides to trek out to see "The Ruins" and find the mysterious Chupacabra (that, my dears, is never a good idea but they do it anyway). Instead of deadly man-eating vines, they do indeed find the Chupacabra. And they're super friendly. Alls they want is a wee bit of good lovin'.

This wasn't too bad for what it was (an orgy with many Chupacabra's). 

If I remember correctly only one dumb couple die and it's not the Chupa's fault.

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The writing wasn't horrific, it was just a sex-fest with furry beasts and humans. Girl/girl, guy/guy, girl/guy/chupa, guy/guy/Chupa. You know, the normal stuff and any other variation you can imagine. You'll either like it or you won't read it.