Creamed by Cave Creatures by Chelsea Chaynes

Creamed by Cave Creatures (Monster Erotica) (Monster Mayhem Book 4) - Chelsea Chaynes

Don't judge. It's free and there are monsters and I apparently have no standards.

"I was ready for an adventure. I was ready to descend into the bowels of the Earth, and nothing was going to stop me."

Not even pale faced underground cave dwellers with grabby-hands will stop this gal from following her dreams!

This story was much shorter and grosser than Come the Chupacabra. It reads like true horror erotica. Lina, not very wisely, heads down into a deep, dark cave and finds some sex starved monsters who she lets have their way with her because, well, why wouldn't you? When all are satisfied she goes back to her boring life. The ending might shock those just looking for some monster porn or those who have never seen

Alien or that remake of Dawn of the Dead

(show spoiler)

 but most horror fans will not be surprised by the "startling" conclusion. The writing is so/so, not horrific but not exactly polished (but, really, if were you expecting that you downloaded the wrong freebie). It's fun and it's gross and it's totally worth what I paid for it ;)