How To Find New Booklikes Blogs To Follow - Think Tank

This ongoing discussion once again surfaced at BookStooge's blog post, and awhile back was discussed at Carpe Librum's blog and I decided to write a post about it.



It has been very clear for a long time how hard it is to find new people to follow as the Explore page is seriously outdated and because Booklikes platform is not very well designed for an easy interaction when comes to this issue and problem.


It does take a shit tons of time to track and spy like a goddamn-mother-fucker to find interactive/active bloggers, and many have no time for that. Luckily, as I have no life, I have had the time.



The problem is that we get new members all the time, they are active but end up having no followers or interactions whatsoever, which obviously is very discouraging and often leads to them abandoning the site. It is reasonable. 


Because they do not find us, and we don't find them. Simple.



What I would like to do, is a huge list that contains every active, interactive blogger. I can manage this as I do have quite much free time in my hand, but I would appreciate the help from EVERYONE and ANYONE that feels this is a subject close to their heart.


And ideas, suggestions, everything is now welcomed as this is just a thought to help this community to get bigger, us to find new friends and the ones who already are active, to fucking stay.


If you are a blogger with little to no interaction here, please leave a comment so we can come and stalk you back.