Ordeal: A Twisted Revenge Tale (he ain't kidding!) by Wol-vriey

Ordeal: A Twisted Revenge Tale - Wol-vriey

So I see the words “Ordeal” and “Extreme Horror” and, most importantly, “Free” and somehow figure this would be the perfect little story to read in between longer books. It had been over a year since I read “Sadie the Sadist”, after all, and I was overdue for something nasty.

Once I started to read I could do nothing else but follow the words along until the end. Take this as a warning.

Now that I’ve finished Ordeal, I can honestly say I’m good with the nasty for now. Good for a good long while, I think.

This story is only 20 pages long and you should probably only read it if your head is not wired quite right. It is a classic tale of sexual revenge. A vile man named Jack picks up a hooker and he and his knife plan on having a bloody good time but, as in all well laid plans, things go awry. I will not spoil the fun for you, just know that terrible things happen and nothing is left to the imagination. It is brutal. It is dirty. It is all up in your face. The people involved here are all awful, messed up monsters but I have to admit parts of it are pretty freaking hilarious. There are some brutally dark moments of humor if you're twisted enough to find them funny and can see past all the grue.

The writing does need a little polish. I know, I know, I am not the person to say such things because obviously I am not the grammar queen and will never claim that title. But I noticed things... There are words that do not belong and some screwy sentences that were more than a mouthful. I think a pair of nitpicky eyes would’ve done this story a lot of good.

Lurking like an inbred cannibal family’s cottage off a dirt path through the woods in a Hollywood horror flick, a bloody chainsaw lay . . .

So, it’s up to you to decide if this is for you. Or not. I think you’ll fall into one of two groups.



Now it's up to you to decide to which group you belong :)