Snowblind by Christopher Golden (audio)

Snowblind - Christopher Golden

Yes, I read this during the heat of summer. If I’d read this during our horrendous and never-ending winter I most likely would’ve moved to one of those sunshiny states.  This book gets points for its descriptions of an icy cold hell but, most to my dismay because I was truly looking forward to it, it never moved above a 3 star read for me. I’ll try to tell you why.


As you can guess from the title, a blizzard strikes. But this is no run of the mill blizzard. This blizzard brings with it “things” that destroy families for years to come.


Now this is where my problems begin and end. The setup was pretty great, I was getting into the story and enjoying getting to know the many characters who were introduced and poof!, just like that, the story flash forwards twelve years and I have to play catch up to remember who lost who, who was involved with who, who was a bit of a dick. And many of them have moved on, as you will, and have hooked up with others. You get the drift. It was bothersome for someone who has such a piss-poor memory but wait because it gets worse. The people who went missing or died begin to inhabit the bodies of living people and then my confusion is upped to a whole new level. Oh my poor tired brain.



It may be my fault for listening to this as an audiobook. I don’t know. People seem to love this book but for me I felt like I was playing a frustrating game of “Who was that again?” throughout most of the novel and I lost interest in the story and the characters as a result.


In the end, it reminded me most of a middle of the road Dean Koontz novel.