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The In-Betweener (Between Life and Death Book 1) - Ann Christy

There weren't any wishlist price drops at Amazon today but I did spot this title. The reviews look decent. It's book 1 of a series.



Emily’s life is death. In the two years since nanites started wiping out the population, she’s sent a thousand deaders and in-betweeners to their deaths. Between fighting for her life and hiding in a tiny, windowless office at night, she’s just trying to get one more day of life.

The nanites were supposed to give humanity longer and healthier lives, cure diseases, and make the world a better place to live in. Instead, they divided humans into three groups: humans, deaders, and the flesh-eating in-betweeners. At eighteen, Emily thought life would be different. Dating, college, and maybe giving her mom a few reasons to worry were the plans she had in mind. Now, she talks to herself and smashes heads with her favorite sledgehammer.

Everything changes one bright morning when one of the deaders at Emily’s fence isn’t a deader at all. He’s an in-betweener different from any she has seen before…and he has a message. If Emily can muster up the courage, she might have a chance at life after all.

The In-Betweener is book one of the exciting post-apocalyptic trilogy, Between Life and Death. With mild language and occasional violence, (and some very gross undead), this series is suitable for ages 16 and up.