Dominated by Vikings by Chelsea Chaynes

Dominated By Vikings (Viking Erotica / BDSM Erotica) - Chelsea Chaynes

The other day I alerted some of you to this freebie. I am sorry about that.

I don't know what this is but it certainly isn't erotica by any stretch of the imagination. There's stilted dialogue and narration, beheading, town razing and rape. None of this is what I'd call erotic but, hey, whatever. Maybe it's just me. Terrible, ugly, non-erotic things occur and then it JUST ENDS! This isn't even a fully fleshed out short story. It's just a lead in to part 2. And from this snippet I want absolutely nothing to do with Part 2. Call me a wuss if you will. I can take it.

I realize this was a freebie and who am I to complain, right? But damn it my time is precious and worth something to me and reading an unfinished story pisses me off. To top it off the rest of the story would cost me $3.99 for 99 pages. I DON'T THINK SO.


Serves me right. I'm sticking with monster erotica freebies from here on out. At least they have a reason for behaving like monsters!


What the ever loving F?

"Leif had honor, and although he murdered my family I felt safe with him."

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