Yes, I am reading this.

Hung Hounds - Donald Armfield

I need a change of pace from all of the romance and this should do it ;)


<----- Look at them, aren't they precious?


Imagine this, if you will, you step into the rest room to take care of business and while you were away, the earth has been plagued by hung hounds. You probably shouldn't have eaten so many hot wings but it looks like they've saved your life this time around! So these hung hounds eat faces and hump legs with their giant doggie parts and you stumble about trying to figure out exactly what the hell has happened.


How can I possibly go wrong with this one ;)


When earth is attacked by the hung hounds, ravenous trans-dimensional mutts with HUGE penises, it’s left to cool-headed Humphrey (who has no idea what’s going on), the super-sexy and feisty Dawn (who does), a retired porno actor, and a monkey in a wedding dress to save the planet!  Only thing is . . . Glinda, the mermaid queen who has the key to unlock the mystery isn’t letting go of it, unless . . .