Hung Hounds by Donald Armfield

Hung Hounds - Donald Armfield

Imagine this, if you will, you don’t feel so hot and step into the rest room to take care of business. While you were away, the earth has been plagued by demonic hounds. You probably shouldn't have eaten so many hot wings but it looks like they may have saved your life this time around! So as these hounds are busy eating faces and humping legs (and other things) with their giant doggie parts, you are left stumbling about trying to figure out exactly what the hell happened. Fortunately you soon find a few other misfits and are off on a mission to find a statue and save the world!

This book is most definitely bizarro. I usually have trouble finishing bizarro books because they’re too far out there for me but this one stayed grounded with some fun humor that kept me reading. It was bat shit crazy, kind of gross in parts and a little too heavy on the non-stop action side for my personal taste. There are hounds from another dimension, warty dwarves, a monkey in a wedding dress, mer-people, a man-sized tribble costume and a whole lot more packed in here. There’s no way I can explain the plot and I’m not even going to try. I’ll just say that it’s a very bad idea to wear a tribble costume around a bunch of hung hounds and leave it at that.