About My Reviews

Testing post as I fix the mess that I have made out of my blog. Please ignore. 

 Important Disclaimer:


I figured it was time to come clean. This is the guy who ghost writes my reviews. Don't let his goofy looks deceive you, he is slightly smarter than he appears but his taste in books is questionable and he DNF's all the time because he's kind of full of himself and thinks he has better things to do than read lousy books. If you don't like something he writes, I don't recommend sneaking up on him unawares to give him a talking-to because he may eat your face off. He's a little nutzo. You can, however, try bribing him with treats to put him in a better mood. It's likely he'll only eat the treats and leave you with a slobbery hand. In that case, be thankful you still have the hand and slowly back away. 

Occasionally this one steps up and writes a little something. If you feel compelled to send some shade his way don't expect an answer. He's kind of a dick, if truth be told. But a lovable dick, no?



Seriously though, I am just one lowly reader and all reviews are based purely on whim, fancy and my mood. They are 100% my honest and personal opinion. Hey, you get what pay for around here.

I get most of my books from my tbr pile, Netgalley and Horror After Dark. I comment on books for Horror After Dark , Goodreads, Amazon, Leafmarks and for fun here on Booklikes. I don't take my reviews too seriously and hope you don't either. Feel free to follow me if you enjoy talking books as much as I do. I am NOT taking book review submissions because my tbr pile is frightful. The only exception I will make are audiobooks. I can burn through audios very quickly so please feel free to PM about those but only if they're romance or horror related.

And if you've read all of that, I shall torture you now with a real picture of the actual person who writes these things. I have pets, kids and a job. I practice yoga and try to read as many books as I can, whenever I can sneak it in. My free time and my hard-earned money is precious so you will always hear the truth from me. Happy reading everyone!