Me and my reading progress (on disc 2)

Dog Crazy: A Novel of Love Lost and Found - Meg Donohue

Hi everyone. Sorry I've been missing. I took some time off work and unplugged hoping to recharge and get ready for another crazy year but instead I put my back out while frantically scrambling for my dropped phone after my 85 lb dog sprained his leg. This was day one of my "time off" and is the story of my life ;)  I was in too much pain to do anything but silently scream and stare at the tv. Buddy felt great the next day but me? Notsomuch. I am finally starting to feel less like a 100 year old woman and a little more like myself and have made a few decisions.


#1  I am going to do yoga EVERY day for the rest of my life. I never want to experience this level of pain and helplessness again. I will never again bend without thinking!


#2  I am going to stop doing T25 (a shorter version of Insanity) and P90X and all of that crazy, intense workout stuff that hurts me. I am also going to stop forcing myself to run. I really and truly despise it. Instead I'm going to walk the dogs. We'll all be better for it, I hope. This will free up more time for audiobooks too ;)


#3 I am going to read a minimum of 50 pages every day (not counting audio's). I've been horrible about taking the time but I'm going to be selfish and do it. Otherwise I may end up in a straight-jacket. 


#4 I am going to post status updates to help me get my thoughts out so writing reviews will be a breeze. They may only have a quote, they may be a partial review, they may make no sense at all. Feel free to ignore them. I've realized the way I've been doing things hasn't been working for me and has actually put me off of reading for weeks at a stretch. 


#5 I am not going to sign up for any review copies or challenges or things like that (except the GR one, perhaps) because I always fall flat on my face. I am going to read out of my TBR pile so the choices will be eclectic.I'm going to be picky and fickle and will likely be DNFing quite a bit as many of the books sitting around have been sitting there since I was young and easily impressed. I want to enjoy reading, not see it as an unpaid job. I am also going to avoid all drama, stick my fingers in my ears when I see it coming, delete shitty comments on my reviews and live in my own little land of bliss where everyone is a rational and decent human being. it's not that I don't care about all of the crazy unfair cheating nonsense that goes on in booklandia and I applaud those who call it out but I can't be a part of it anymore. I want peace in my real and online life.


So here's my first update for the new year. This book features a heroine who is a grief counselor for pet owners. Don't ask me why I decided to read this next when all I wanted was a happy book. I am easily seduced by cute puppies and didn't bother to read the synopsis. Cute puppies? How could it possibly be sad? So it’s my own damn fault, as usual, and I only have myself to blame. It made me all teary right away but now I'm sucked in and will read the rest even if it means the death of me and my mascara. If you’ve ever loved and lost a dog this one has the ability to bleed you by a million small cuts. Heed my warning and go in prepared.  Also, those adorable lab puppies on the cover? They aren’t in the book.



Yeah. I was taken in by trickery.


Despite all of that, I cannot stop listening for the life of me.