Dog Crazy by Meg Donohue (audio edition)

Dog Crazy: A Novel of Love Lost and Found - Meg Donohue

This book features a heroine who is a grief counselor for pet owners but who also suffers from debilitating panic attacks. Don't ask me why I decided to read this next when all I wanted was a happy book. I am easily seduced by cute puppies and didn't bother to read the synopsis. Cute puppies? How could it possibly be sad? So it’s my own damn fault, as usual, and I only have myself to blame.If you’ve ever loved and lost a dog this one has the ability to bleed you out by a million small cuts. Heed my warning and go in prepared. Also, those adorable lab puppies on the cover? Well, they aren’t in the book.

Yeah. I was taken in by trickery. Don't be like me.

Despite all of that, I could not stop listening for the life of me.

In the end, it wasn’t as sad as I first anticipated. It lightens up and turns into one of those decent reads that aren't too meaty nor too fluffy and, though hard to put down, may not be remembered come tomorrow (if you’re anything like me, anyway).

It’s mostly about a lost pup and two lost souls, recovery and building relationships. There’s lots of doggie goodness and there is a smidge of romance tossed in but it never takes over the story. This author really knows her dogs and grief and anxiety disorders and I truly enjoyed reading it even if it did ruin my mascara a time or two.

The narrator though? Nope, she wasn’t my favorite. At times, far too many times actually, her narration came across as someone being overly cautious to enunciate each word correctly. It felt unnatural and instead of falling into the story, I was more focused on her diction. Once she gets into a rhythm she does a fine job with the characters but time and again the stilted reading came back to haunt me. I hate when that happens.