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Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge, Elizabeth Knowelden

So, there's a place that has been plagued by demons controlled by a Demon Prince. The people live in fear of the demons but none of them are brave enough to sacrifice themselves to end the torment.


Teenager Nyx must marry the demon prince to fulfill a long ago promise made by her father. If she refuses, her mother apparently will “have died in vain” and she must “save her people” from the curse. No pressure here. . .


Nyx has known this day was coming and has been dreading this day and resenting her family for a very long time. Now the night has arrived. The night she will become the evil prince’s plaything and save her people at the expense of herself. She is pissed and I don’t blame her. I’d be pretty pissed too!


In this case, I hope the "demon prince" turns out to be nothing but a sweet, misunderstood widdle demon with a heart full of love. Usually that’ll drive me mad but not today.Nope. Not today. And I hope he even has the face of an angel.





Take that you cowardly bitches. Sacrificing an innocent teenager to a demon to save your own asses. Stew in your own jealousy you jerks.




Well, I can only hope things go this way.