Fred and Rose Are Back to Haunt You

Fred And Rose: The Full Story of Fred and Rose West and the Gloucester House of Horrors by Sounes, Howard (1995) Paperback - Howard Sounes

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This is an account of the true life multiple murder and bizarre sex perpetrated by an ordinary looking man named Fred and his wife Rose. Together they raped, murdered, dismembered and buried at least ten (but likely many more) innocent women who fell into their clutches. Together. {{{shudders}}} Can you imagine finding (and keeping) your soul mate when your obsession is violent, murderous sex? Can you imagine raising a family and keeping up a facade of normalcy while doing so? Well these two managed it. It’s much worse than any horror novel could every try to be because, sadly enough, it’s all true.


The author states the story matter of factly, never getting preachy but just stating the facts ma’am. He starts things off with their childhoods which were a bloody mess of dysfunction. Both suffered their share of trauma, physical and sexual, before the fateful day they found each other, fell into a twisted version of love and began their spree of sexual abuse and murder. They both seem to be barely functioning people and never really had a chance what with their horrid pasts and all. But still it is very difficult to find any sympathy for either of them as their tale unfolds.


This book made me stop and wonder just what the hell was wrong with me. Why on earth did I want to continue reading about these horrible people? Why couldn’t I put it down? Why did I have to keep reading “just one more page”? I guess it’s my terrible curiosity but these stories have some sort of pull on me and once I start them I have to see them through to the awful end even if means wishing I could scrub myself from the inside out to get some of the images out of my mind when I’m done.


It amazed, saddened and sickened me how loyal Fred remained to Rose until the very end. Despite all of the hell the two created together, the countless sex partners and the sick secrets they kept, Fred loved Rose in his twisted way and couldn’t live without her and still thought himself “a nice man”. That’s about the sickest and scariest thing I’ve ever read.


I only recommend this to those with an interest in real life crime sprees and with an iron clad stomach. The content is extremely rough and hard to forget once read.