Feeling sick.

I am stressed out and needing a little advice. Excuse me while I vent.



My head has been hurting for four days. I had a weekend reprieve but it's back in full force. I think I've just put two and two together and now do not know what to do. My employer smokes all day long in an office with the door wide open. I do not smoke and my office is around the corner and down a little hallway. He has a fan in there that sucks out the air into the warehouse but not outside. My office is directly next to the warehouse door. It stinks back there so I avoid it. Normally it doesn't bother me unless he is smoking in the bathroom, hallway, or in front of me (all of which he does) or if someone opens the warehouse door. But his fan broke and they half-assed fixed it so it's only working on a level 1 instead of a level 10 and the place reeks of smoke. I've complained. I've asked him to stop smoking,. I've even shut my own door which he opens. I've told him my head is throbbing. He told me to take some Advil as if I'm over-reacting or being a whiny baby. His wife won't let him smoke in his house because she doesn't smoke so he does it in the office all day, every day, and since he owns the place and we only have 3 employees in the office (the rest work on the road), he can.  I've worked for him for a million years, enjoy my job and am frustrated, sad and annoyed beyond belief that he doesn't seem to care at all about my health or that of my co-worker (who will not speak up - doesn't want to get fired, I guess). 


Anyway, I guess I know what I need to do but it's making me very depressed. Do you have any suggestions other than leaving (which my husband tells me to do every time I mention it)?


He either thinks I'm being ridiculous, doesn't think it a big deal or he just doesn't give a damn. That point was driven home Friday when I said he needed to stop smoking and he only said "I know", shook his head, walked away and lit up 30 seconds later. I realize it's an addiction but he can easily smoke outside :(