Riding Red by Alexa Riley

Riding Red - Alexa Riley

Well, it's no Trailer Park Virgin I'm sad to report. I thought it was extremely meh but people seem to love it, so what do I know? It takes forever and ten days to get going and when it does, it's just eh, is that all?



I'm not a fan of the "fated to f*ck, eh, love you and only you forevermore" plot device anyway. Even if I were a fan, this wasn't a good one, if you ask me. Too many words, too much sickly "sweets" talk (gag me), and a hero who is all snarly and grumpy. It wasn't romantic, or sexy or even vaguely interesting to me. It just made me a little grumpier and I had to walk away without reading all of the unrelated "extra" material that filled out half of the content pages. Grrrr.