The Silver Chain by Primula Bond DNF

The Silver Chain - Primula Bond

This is the oldest book on my IPad. I was determined to get it read but I can't do it. DNFing. The writing is ridiculously cluttered. Here's a little sample.

"It’s like the portrait of a different girl. Her face is pale, cheeks flushed with red. Her eyes, her Halloween cat’s eyes, are sparking with anticipation. The mouth with its pillowy lips is open, as if I’m out of breath. Those lips earned the nickname Fishy, taken up by every bully at school. Here’s my tongue, running along the lower lip, catching on the curve because the surface is so dry. I giggle into the silence and bite my finger. There’s a drip, drip of water from one of the cubicles. I press my hands on my head to try to calm myself down. It doesn’t work. I press my palms against my hollowed cheeks like Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Do I want to kiss Gustav? Is that it? Do I want him to kiss me? I don’t know. Not yet. I’m off men, remember? Too much going on in my head for that. So, no. I just want to get near him. He’s deadly, the way he pins you like a butterfly. I’ve followed him here without question, but what’s going to happen next? "

Now imagine reading a full novel of this. I can't. Holy hell, my head hurts. Romance should never be this hard!