Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

Hidden Bodies  - Caroline Kepnes

If you haven’t read “You”, stop right here and get to work on that. Hidden Bodies is a direct sequel to “You” and they really must be read in order. This review is a little spoilery so I'm going to add in the spoiler tags for anyone who doesn't want to know too much before digging in. Here again we catch up with Joe who is as nutzo, murderous, hateful and lovable in his own weird way, as ever. He is just living his life, working in a bookstore, minding his own business and occasionally worrying about a mug of urine he accidentally left behind after doing something terrible. One fine day a lovely, leggy blonde named Amy walks her way into his life and they fall in love. She is perfect. She gets him. But then, as will happen – especially if you’re Joe, she

betrays him. He rages. He gets those murderous feelings again and follows a trail to Los Angeles to get his murder on because his heart is BROKEN.



But he gets sidetracked.


He starts dating, he gets an apartment, he makes friends, he even logs onto Facebook. All of this is done simply to look legit, of course, not because he has a secret dream to become a normie. Eventually more terrible things happen, people piss him off and he contemplates murder, sometimes following through with it, sometimes fumbling. It is so hilarious to me that Joe always comes to the conclusion that murder is so much easier than dealing with (or ignoring) someone’s shit.


How can you not like Joe? Or is it just me?


Anyway, during all of Joe’s pretending to have a life and to care about things, he meets Love, who actually turns out to be the woman of his dreams and he seems to forget all about his plans for Amy. He pals around with rich folk and writes screenplays. I’m not sure how I feel about this part, an enormous part, of the story. Wait, yes I am. It bugged me. It bugged me a whole bunch. The Joe I knew from "YOU" had a one track mind. He was obsessed. He was the master of obsession. He was so good at it. The Joe here is a super forgetful fellow and easily thrown off track. Joe, remember Amy? Amy MUST PAY. I wanted Amy to pay but Joe was too busy finding love. Ugh.


In the end, though.



And I, for one, am thankful for that.


(show spoiler)


Because Joe is a sarcastic bastard and promises that he would never hurt an innocent animal, I’m giving this book a 3 ½ and I’ll be reading the next one.