Esther the Wonder Pig by Steve Jenkins

Esther the Wonder Pig: Changing the World One Heart at a Time - Walter Derek George Blundell, Caprice Crane, Steve Jenkins

*I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley after seeing it in Yodamom's feed. Thanks Yodamom!


Esther is a 600+ pound pig who is internet famous. She has more followers than most people. If you google “Esther the pig” you’ll find her everywhere. This is the story of how it all happened.


Steve is a sweet young guy, living with his partner Derek, two dogs and two kitties in a 1,000 sf apartment. Pretty normal, right? He loves all creatures, always has, so when an old friend he hasn’t heard a peep from in 10 years gives him a ring, begging him to provide a home for her “micro-pig”, he agrees to meet her. He, of course, ends up going home with the cute little piggie - without consulting his partner. And my husband thought he had it bad when a kitten suddenly appeared in our bathroom one night. Being sneaky NEVER pays off because that evil cat loves him and only him and I guess it serves me right.


photo estherbaby_zpslm1qmnmo.jpg


As Derek and Steve are adjusting to life with a pig in an apartment where livestock is not allowed, they both come to the realization that Steve’s long-lost “friend” is a big, lousy liar. The cute little piggie they name Esther grows and grows and grows.



photo esther-the-wonder-pig_zpsgie4mb6y.jpg


But she has a name and a personality and she has become a part of the family.



photo estherampbestie_zpssfdpwocp.jpg


photo esterandowners_zps2em3zubw.jpg


Uh oh! Now, what are they going to do?!


The book documents the quirks and events that happen when one lives with a full grown pig. Things are broken, food is snatched and rivers of pee are unleashed but somehow they stay strong and make it work. Derek and Steve’s eyes are opened to the horrors of factory farming and realize they can no longer eat bacon without seeing Esther’s face.



photo how-am-i-supposed-to-live_zpsceon6pv3.gif


It’s sweet and warm and funny and never gets preachy. There are even a few vegan recipes at the end for anyone interested in trying it out. If you want a feel good, true story with a happy ending this is a good one.


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