A rant

Easy. Whole. Vegan.: 100 Flavor-Packed, No-Stress Recipes for Busy Families - Melissa King

So, as I bitched about earlier, this book comes from Netgalley as a protected PDF. I have to screenshot to print anything which is a major pain in my butt. I just tried everything available to me, short of doing something really shady, to make it printable. Nothing worked :(  I can't risk setting my laptop/tablet on the counter because I am a klutz and my cat is a jerk. All I want to do is copy & paste the recipes into a word file. Waaaaa.


It gets worse. I have to enlarge the text 1.5x on my laptop so it's readable (ugh), then ss, then open, then crop, then print on multiple pages and waste 100 innocent trees. Could they possible make this any more difficult for me to review? Why on earth would you send out a cookbook as a PDF? WHY?! 


But the topper on this craptastic cake is when I go into my Adobe Digital Editions, I realize this PDF will expire in 54 days. So I go through all of this work of cropping, formatting, printing, losing my mind, cursing at the world (I'm starting to feel like Slippin' Jimmy from Better Call Saul at this point), cooking, reviewing and the book goes "poof" as a fine thank you very much SUCKER. WTH, I may as well have borrowed this from Overdrive (which I would never do because it's a freaking cookbook!).


photo fyoucat_zpsur2ouqdr.gif



I am so annoyed right now.  I'm tempted to copy & paste this and send it as my review to the publisher. There are several reviews there now and it is clear none of them actually cooked any of the recipes. How is that helpful?!!!


I guess this is all my fault for clicking on over to Netgalley and breaking my promise to myself. Sometimes it's just better to buy the book.