What to do, what to do

So, I have one of these appointments later today.


photo waiting room_zpsqp6onwr8.gif



And wouldn't you know it, I left my Ipad on my end table with all of my Netgalley titles.


photo NONONON_zpstosffbia.gif


Would you:


A. Cancel Appointment


B. Leave work early, go 25 minutes out of your way to run home and grab the Ipad first.


C. Suck it up and stare mindlessly at the tv they provide which seems to be permanently stuck on some awful reality tv channel.


D. Read the only book you have nearby which is a book you've attempted to read off and on for 8 years but cannot get into.


I'm so mad at myself. I bring that Ipad with me every single day and today is the day I forget it?!  I'm leaning towards B since it's dead here and my car may blow up if I postpone the appointment again. Ugh, nerd problems.