Thief by Alexa Riley

Thief - Alexa Riley

Sean Sparrow is a thief planning to rob a bank. It will be his last job, he says. He intends to retire after this nasty bit of work and live a life of leisure with Tessa, the curvy bank employee. Only she doesn’t know any of this. She doesn't even know him!


Things start to get screwy the moment Sean sets his eyes upon Tessa’s luscious and virginal bod (he doesn’t ask around town, he just knows). He wants her and he cannot wait until after the heist to have her. He fully intended to woo her up after the theft because he’s a good guy and all but, alas, his dick cannot wait. They meet, 15 seconds later he declares her his forevermore and she thinks something like, “Oh my, you are the sexiest man I have ever seen, you couldn’t possibly want little ol’ meeee” and falls on for him. I think all of Alexa Riley’s heroes have a superpower that allows them to hypnotize virgins with one look from their sultry eyes.


Or perhaps it’s their way with the words.


You'll take me inside your little c*nt until I fill you with every drop of cum I have.”


photo realhot_zpscb4zbg7b.gif


So, he breeds her (his words, not mine) until he figures she’s so deeply in love with his penis, she’ll forgive him when he later robs her bank, puts her life in danger and sweeps her off her feet and away to his private little island for a life of breeding debauchery. She’s in such a sex daze that she won’t complain, right? Still, she gets a little mad. 


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He apologizes and she tries to understand. 


photo i think i do_zps6jkuiwxw.gif


But she soon realizes it’s just who he is, all controlling and sexy and stuff, and he just can’t help that.  


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Debauchery and breeding starts anew. These books are full of WTFery but are so ridiculously hard to put down. I don't recommend starting one or you'll likely end up buying them all.