Little Note

Reblogged from Twirling Book Princess:

After careful consideration I have decided that until BL gets a bit faster, a bit easier to navigate, maybe a better import function, to only post ARC reviews on here. I have already been doing that for the past few weeks, but now it is officially only those. 


Sorry to all my followers, I wish I could just post everything but with the enormous lag, the fact books are hard to find, and the fact BL just seems to be on a sinking ship, I just don't want to put more energy in it. I already have to find a big window of time to add reviews, and I want to spend that energy on my blog, my reviews, and my daily life. 


Be sure to check out my blog, I got daily new reviews, meme posts, and more on there. :)


Thanks to everyone following me, you are all the best, and you are the ones motivating me to at least post my ARCs on here.