The Ghostwriters by Mickey J. Corrigan

The Ghostwriters - Mickey J. Corrigan

Jacy is a writer who isn’t writing. She spends her time tending bar, drinking too much and hanging out with guys who are bad for her well-being instead. Jacy is a bit of a mess.


One night she meets a handsome older fellow who, as it turns out, is a famous author. He’s also very much dead and wants her to ghostwrite his next novel. If she succeeds, she could be famous too. photo chillghost_zps9kfcwcha.gif


WTF is going on here? Far more than it first seems. I hesitate to say much at all here because I fear I’ll give away too much of the plot. I’ll just say that it’s much more than a ghost story and though it is nicely sarcastic, at its core this is not at all light-hearted. It’s actually quite dark and in the end it all makes sense.


Though Jacy was a mess and haunted in more ways than one, she was a character I enjoyed reading about, sharp edges and all. She’s dealing with a huge burden by not dealing and sabotaging her life but I understood her choices and wanted her to find happiness and stability.


Her love interest was perfect. The man even brings her a cat on their first date because:


“You’re a writer, so… Don’t all writers have cats sitting in their laps while they’re working on their novels?”


That man is what you call a keeper. Note: This is NOT a romance though there is a romantic element.


And some of the descriptions just made me smile.


His head was like a new penny, and I wanted to rub his bright scalp for luck.”


This book is hard to classify but I think if you enjoy character studies featuring complicated characters you’ll enjoy this story. I sure did.