Coco Butternut by Joe R. Lansdale

Coco Butternut (Hap and Leonard Adventure) - Joe R. Lansdale

Hap and Leonard (and their two accomplices) return for another zany caper.  Forever short on funds, the two agree to another weird job. The deceased body of a beloved wiener dog has gone missing from the cemetery and the dognapper wants cash or else . . .  Hap and Leonard step in to make the exchange.


Sure sounds easy enough to me. All they need to do is hand over the cash, grab the dead dog and collect their pay day.  Nothing is ever that easy with these two. Unable to leave well enough alone, they discover things they shouldn't know and find themselves wrapped up in a little mystery that they can’t let alone.


I’ve missed a few Hap and Leonard books somewhere along the way and now they are apparently running a PI service with Hap’s girlfriend and his grown daughter Chase (where’d she come from?!). This was a little disconcerting but it’s my fault for reading the series out of order, as I do. The characters are smart-asses as always but they didn’t seem to have that dark sarcastic edge to their insults that used to make me laugh, almost out loud. This installment was also pretty tame when it came to the violence and I never felt as if any of our leads were in grave peril.


It was entertaining but a little too tame for my expectations.