February Wrap-up


February 2017
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February in Review:
♦ I read 3 Short Horror Collections which was 2 too many, if you ask me. It threw me into a mini-slump ♦ 2 Horror Novels ♦ 1 Monster-porn ♦ 1 Scifi Erotica
♦ I'm on track for my Goodreads Challenge but I feel like I didn't read very much. I blame the tv and stress.
♦ Only three were audiobooks so I'm doing better than last month where all but one were audiobooks (ugh so much slacking was done in January).
♦ I continue to be a failure at DNFing. The only thing I skimmed/DNF'd were two short stories in Five Stories High because they weren't meant for me.
Reviews in the Works:
Coco Butternut696911233369893
Books TBR in March
312812053433397132868690The Woodsman AudiobookLittle Dead Red Audiobook33526173Your Soul Was Made for Mine
This month I'm going a little heavier on the romance because January was horrorific. Have you read any of 'em?