FREEBE ALERT: The Green Tea Heist by Donald Armfield

From the man who brought us Hung Hounds comes a short story that promises to be twisted, gross and violent. How can you resist? This one's free for the Kindle Amazon US.


The Green Tea Heist by Donald Armfield
Exreme Horror  44 Pages
Amazon ♦ Goodreads
Tommy Two can pull off any type of heist. From bank robberies, to hijacking vehicles, but his forte is jewelry heists. Working for the Cortez Family, Tommy brings a certain exuberance to the table, dropping the mic with just his self as the stand alone heist man. A group of scientists step in with a new unexplained substance said to reanimate the dead to add to Tommy Two's latest jewel heist, that will line his pockets with large amounts of cash.All hell breaks loose when the cocktail hour is served. A body horror, zombie, erotica that will give a whole new meaning to HIT THE DECK!

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