WTFery at Netgalley

Netgalley has decided to start posting all submitted reviews on the book page which is weird and unneeded. I can deal with that, even if I don't understand the point, BUT they have also installed a yes/no voting button so anyone can hit no for any old reason anonymously and the votes aren't showing publicly.  Soooo where are the votes going and what is the purpose?  This I do NOT like. Seems to me like they are opening the floodgates for petty reviewer, angry author/reader down voting. I can see it turning into a real mess if the votes start to count as a plus/detriment to ARC acceptance. They've also just deleted a negative comment on their blog post questioning this new change and refuse to post any other comments that express worry about the changes or question the voting aspect. Is it just me or is this odd?


The Goodreads thread is here:


It may all be worry for naught because who the heck has time to read reviews on yet another site and then vote on each one? But I still feel uneasy about the whole thing.