Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Wonder - R.J. Palacio

Well, I didn't finish this book in time for my real life book meeting which is nothing new. I actually didn't even make the meeting due to exhaustion but I did finish the book because I couldn't not finish it once I began.


4 ½ Stars


Wonder was pretty much exactly what I thought it might be and sometimes that’s a good thing. It’s a tear-jerker, very sweet and a little evil and a wee bit little manipulative with the emotions and I very much enjoyed it. There was one chapter that really hurt my heart. One I saw coming from the very beginning so I hardened my heart waiting for it happen and when it did it may me all teary anyway. Be warned.


I enjoyed the way the story was told from various viewpoints which helped you get a bigger picture of Auggie and the way he affected the lives of others around him. Had it been told only from his perspective, I doubt it wouldn’t have been nearly as well rounded or enjoyable.