Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Behind Her Eyes - Sarah Pinborough, Bea Holland, Josie Dunn, Huw Parmenter, Anna Bentinck
If you want to read Behind Her Eyes I recommend you avoid reading the reviews. This is one of those books that can be easily ruined for you if someone gives too much away and several reviewers have already done so. I had one of the reveals ruined for me this way and I’m still pissed at myself for being nosy and checking out that review. I don’t know why people feel the need to do that without marking things as a spoiler because it’s not that hard! 

There will be no spoilers here and I will be annoyingly vague as hell. 

Trust me, it’s for your own good. 

This story revolves around three people. Louise is a single mom struggling with insecurities since her ex announced he’s having a baby with his newest lover. She works as a secretary at a doctor’s office. One night she meets a charming man named David at a bar. They share a drunken kiss but Louise is scared off when she realizes he’s married. Who needs that mess, right? Well, what seems like the very next day, she arrives at work to discover David is the newest doctor in the practice and she is now his secretary. She is embarrassed and a little tingly. He is so very handsome, after all. Surely he wouldn’t want her anyway, she thinks, after seeing his perfect wife. Speaking of his wife, her name is Adele and one morning Louise accidentally bumps into her so hard, the fragile beauty falls to the ground. Adele is kind and friendly and in desperate need of a friend and Louise is drawn to her and enjoys her company. But Adele’s friendship comes with a condition. Louise must never tell David about their friendship. 

Why you ask? Well I am not going to tell you. This is only the very beginning of one of the most messed up love triangles I’ve ever encountered. It is glorious and it must not be spoiled.

I’m going to warn you that these people are not very likable. They’re pretty horrible actually and I loved every minute of their two-timing, backstabbing, secretive, lying, selfish selves. They are all up to no good, almost all the time and it never got tiresome. I was riveted, fascinated and whatever other adjective you can think of that means this book was one I did not want to ever stop reading. That rarely happens and when it does I’m giving that book five stars.

This is not your typical “girl on all the books” thriller and for that I am very thankful. I like some of those books but the world has its fill of them right now. This one is different. You’ll either love it for that reason or despise it. I believe Pinborough was a horror writer for the majority of her writing career (yep, confirmed it as I have several Leisure titles in my tbr bins) and it works to her advantage in this book. She knows how to craft a creepy story that is deliciously evil and unflinchingly dark through and through. If you enjoy reading about devious, screwed up people I think you will enjoy this. Many hate it for its ending but for me that ending tied it all in perfectly.