My First Nocturnal Reader's Box

I have stayed away from these curated boxes because so much of the stuff inside looked like junk to me but after seeing this one and all of the great items being posted on Instagram, I broke down and used my piddly tax increase of $10 a week to subscribe to the Nocturnal Reader's Box as a present to myself before the cash got sucked up by something else far less fun. I am picky and I have no room in my house for junk and I am thrilled with this box. There was only one item that I didn't recognize, a little wooden pin featuring artwork from a book I haven't yet read. This is a fun, high quality box containing no junky filler.
Here it is!
March's box included a coffee mug in tribute to Jack Ketchum's passing, a Mr. Mercedes print of Brady in his ice cream man garb, two Dark Tower stickers, a book mark, a little wooden pin for a book I haven't read yet but will get to at some point, a hardcover copy of a new release "The Gone World"by Tom Sweterlitsch and a trade paperback copy of John Farris's "The Fury".

And this creepy t-shirt that I will wear to scare my daughter! It's a little baggy but it's better than being skin tight! The quality far exceeds my usual Old Navy fare too. It's nice and soft for such a creepy shirt :)




You can check out the company at their website: The Nocturnal Reader's Box