My Tardy May Wrap-up

I just realized I haven't done one of these since March of 2017. I am nothing if not inconsistent!

May 2018
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Well, looks like I read mostly great books so yay but only three of them were from my physical TBR pile. Better than zero, I suppose! I learned a few things when looking back at my books in May, mainly that I am pretty much finished with any sort of thriller written from the FBI or investigators POV and that I need to weed my tbr of most of the YA titles hiding in there because they don't grab me. Horror is still my first and forever love and twisted serial killers are still working for me but I do need a little romance thrown in to break up the darkness.


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This month I'm hoping to catch up on my review copies, both audio & print, and maybe read at least one TBR book but that's not looking too good :) How's your June looking?