Sadie by Courtney Summers

Sadie - Courtney Summers

Sadie is only 19 but she has had a rough life. Her father is non-existent, her mother is a junkie. Sadie’s only bright light is her younger sister Mattie who she has basically raised as her own child. Their sister/mother figure relationship is complicated but Sadie loves Mattie more than anything in life. And then Mattie is murdered. This is not a spoiler. It is revealed in the very beginning. Sadie spends the book on an unwavering mission to track down Mattie’s killer and murder him.



“I’m going to carve my name into his soul.”


Ouch this book. It is raw and realistic and if you love a story full of grit and vengeance and despair, boy are you going to enjoy this one.


The way this story is told is unique, at least to me. It’s told from Sadie’s point of view but there’s also a podcast called “The Girls” that is attempting to provide insight into the story of Sadie and Mattie. I highly recommend listening to this book on audio because the podcast bits are exceptionally well done. The first few times “The Girls” podcast began I had to look down at my phone to make sure that I hadn’t hit my podcast app accidentally. If you’ve ever listened to a true crime podcast, these podcast segments sound just like one of them.


SADIE isn’t a typical YA book. In fact, I’d hesitate to throw it in that category at all. It is pitch black and stares down pedophilia, rape, abuse, and just some really rough stuff.


“His voice sounds like a knife that sharpens itself on other people.”


This is not a light and fluffy book no matter your age and it is likely going to break your heart. Sadie has a painful stutter but doesn’t let it slow her down. She’s brave, she’s smart and she is determined and you want her to win. I can’t tell you any more without ruining the entire thing for you. Just read it, if you want.


This one is going into the Baker Street Category 


Bingo Calls:

9/1   Classic Horror

9/3   Cryptozoologist

9/5   Cozy Mystery (not on my card)

9/7   New Release

9/9   Southern Gothic

9/11 Terrifying Women

9/13 A Grimm Tale

9/15 Modern Masters of Horror

9/17 Creepy Carnivals

9/19 Relics and Curiosities

9/21 Diverse Voices

9/23 Murder Most Foul

9/25 Amateur Sleuth

9/27 Genre: Suspense

9/29 Supernatural

10/1 Ghost Stories

10/3 Doomsday

10/5 Shifters

10/7 13 

10/9 Terror in a Small Town (not on my card)

10/11 Darkest London


Genre Horror

Fear the Drowning Deep


Country House Mystery


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