So, this shit happened.

Because the last few months haven't been shitty enough, I went over to Amazon to post my review of Carmilla and this happened:


Apparently Amazon decided to delete 18 years of my reviews from their website with no notice, no warning and absolutely no reason.They also revoked my reviewing priveledges and dropped my ranking from 1,500-something to #55,806,921 over night. You can see my sad, sad profile here. They left up reviews from the year 2000 and older and I haven't a clue why they're still there but I'm guessing they'll disappear soon too. Why'd this happen? I don't write false reviews, I don't inflate review ratings and I don't even know any authors personally unless you count a book signing  I recently went to where I was too shy to speak to any of them!


I've been told by others who have had the ban hammer of Amazon dropped upon them that it is because someone either flagged my reviews for whatever reason and/or it is because they think I'm having "relationships" with authors. I guess they're so stuck in their own little bubble at Amazon-land that they assume following an author on Twitter and Facebook means you're married. If an author sends you a book to review it must mean you are surely tainted and none of your reviews can be trusted. Apparently, they couldn't be bothered to actually read the text of my reviews because I don't care who you are, if I don't like something in your book, I am telling everyone. Even if you're one of my author wives and husbands and side flings.


I have unsuccessfully attempted to get them restored. I sent an email as instructed and received this message well over 48 hours ago:


Apparently their "should hear back from them" really means never because it's nearly 3 days now and I've heard nothing. Their Twitterhelp desk keeps instructing me to call but I have no fucks left to give and don't want to waste any more of my life talking to any of them. Honestly, after their treatment of me, I no longer want to submit my reviews to them.  18+ year as a loyal customer and free reviewer and they treat me like this? As a result, I will no longer provide Amazon links on any of my reviews going forward on my blog and will instead point people to buying books anywhere EXCEPT Amazon. Small publishers treat you much better anyway adding in extra perks like bookmarks and stickers, at least in my experience. 

So Amazon,