Lizzie Borden Zombie Hunter by C.A. Verstraete

Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter - C.A. Verstraete

This is a fast paced zombie/ghoul slaying tale that answers the question you never knew you had about the Lizzie Borden case. What if a zombie plague were the reason Lizzie Borden wacked her parents with an ax?


I LOVED this set up and that it jumps right into the grisly murders. And they are grisly. Unfortunately, for me at least, I had a little trouble with the aftermath of it all. The story follows the Borden trial and tries to stay true to events that happened in real life all while a zombie plague is brewing in the town. Lizzie stays mute about the truth and this is where I had trouble shutting off my brain because I felt she should’ve been screaming the truth from the rooftops in order to prove her innocence. That’s what I would’ve done instead of sitting in jail and having the town turn against me and thinking I was a murderess of innocents. I suppose I’m selfish like that. Worse though was that she was covering up for some fickle man and a secret ghoul slaying society and that irritated the heck out of me.


So, because of this, I found the book a little bit of a struggle for me personally. Lizzie’s motivation and strange romances didn’t sit right with me either. With that said, it was certainly gruesome and action-packed and there was a nice ghastly twist at the end that made me cringe and there isn’t much that makes me cringe these days.